GPAALC Supports Homeless Veterans

At our recent 8th Annual Charter Banquet, the Greater Philadelphia Asian American Lions Club was pleased to donate $1,000 to Support Homeless Veterans, Inc., a a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of our forgotten heroes.


We also celebrated the initiation of 3 new Lions!  Welcome everyone, and than you to their sponsors!


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Lions Centennial Service Challenge – Relieving the Hunger

The Greater Philadelphia Asian American Lions Club recently participated in the Centennial Service Challenge – Relieving the Hunger campaign by distributing nutritious snacks to those less fortunate.

Lions distributed clementines – with lots of Vitamin C to help protect eyesight – and nutritious snack crackers. To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, the snacks were packaged in bright red bags for each person. The bright bags and tasty snacks created a festive atmosphere. Beyond just dropping off the food, Lions expressed their leonine community spirit by taking time to visit and chat with each person, brightening everyone’s day.

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GPAALC Supports Holy Redeemer Church and School

On November 9, the Greater Philadelphia Asian American Lions Club was happy to support the Philadelphia Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church and School at their 20th Annual Fundraising Dinner.  In addition to having a good time, the club contributed to this important member of our community.


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Help protect a child’s sight

You can help protect a child’s sight – it’s as easy as taking a picture.
Sight for Kids logoThroughout October, Lions celebrate World Sight Day (October 10th) and the “Sharing the Vision” global service action campaign. This year’s World Sight Day theme is universal eye health and the importance of making a “pledge” to maintain your eye health and have a regular eye exam.
LCIF partner Johnson & Johnson is celebrating World Sight Day with Lions by promoting eye exams and raising money for our shared initiative, Sight for Kids. The Sight for Kids program was selected by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) as one of a select few charities to benefit through their free Donate a Photo mobile application.
Now through November 30th, 2013, you can help provide a vision screening and save a child’s sight simply by uploading a photo. For every photo donated via the app to Sight for Kids, J&J will donate $1 towards Sight for Kids screenings.*
Since 2002, Sight for Kids’ mission has been to remove barriers to eye care for children in the most underserved areas across Asia – providing eye exams, glasses and treatment. To date, Lions and Sight for Kids have screened the vision of nearly 18 million children.
Consider donating a photo each day for Sight for Kids to help Lions protect a child’s sight… It’s as easy as downloading the free mobile app and taking pictures!
How to Get Started
  1. Download the FREE “Donate a Photo” app for your Apple or Android device by searching for it in iTunes or Google Play/Android.
  2. Once downloaded, follow the easy, in-app steps to set up an account and profile.
  3. Choose LCIF’s cause: “One Photo helps protect a child’s sight… with Sight for Kids.”
  4. Take a picture – any photo will work but “selfies” and “eye selfies” are preferred! Or choose a photo from your device’s library or album.
The entire setup process should only take around two minutes.
Your photo will be displayed like this:
Donate a Photo!
Thank you for your support and for protecting children’s sight!
Photo Guidelines
Users can donate up to one photo a day, every day, to the Sight for Kids cause through November 30, 2013.  Any appropriate photo helps, but Lions are hoping to share photos of faces or eyes to raise awareness about the importance of accessible eye care and eye exams.  Are you planning a project or event for Sharing the Vision month and World Sight Day? Be sure to tag photos with the hashtags #lionsclubs and #eyepledge on Facebook and Twitter. We will share select photos through the Lions Clubs International official Facebook and Twitter pages.
The Donate a Photo app is available in the United States only. No matter where you live, be sure to get the word out about Lions Sight for Kids program and the importance of eye exams for our children. Photos shared are not used for any commercial purposes.
*Disclosure: You can donate a photo to one cause, once a day. For every photo donated to Sight for Kids, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. will donate $1 to that cause. You can donate photos to Sight for Kids until November 30, 2013 or until it reaches its goal of $30,000, whichever comes first. Sight for Kids will receive a minimum of $15,000.

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Glaucoma Awareness and Screening Event

Greater Philadelphia Asian Americans Lions Club, in cooperation with Wills Eye Hospital, hosted Glaucoma Awareness events at several locations in early August.  By taking the sessions to locations convenient to Asian-American senior citizens, they reached a tremendous number of people who might not otherwise get good eye care.  These sessions were followed by 2 days of free Glaucoma Screenings in the Club office, provided by doctors and nurses from Wills.  Those sessions were so popular that more people wanted to be seen than could be accommodated, so 2 additional days of screenings were added in September!  The GPAALC thanks the professionals from Wills Eye Hospital for assisting us in providing this valuable service right in our community!

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